Canada Pakistan Friendship Association

Building bridges of understanding between different cultural groups, institutions and community.

How You Can Get Involved

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About Us

The Canada Pakistan Friendship Association-CPFA is a community and social organization committed to supporting needs in our community and local development. We are a membership based organization that includes member from all across Ontario province 


CPFA 2023 – Pakistan Pavilion (Mississauga)


MAR 23 – 2022 – EVENT BRIEF

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Encouraging Involvement & Building Families Since 1990


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Our Objectives

  1. Releif of Poverty: To relieve poverty by distributing food and other necessities to needy community members.
  2. Support disaster relief efforts: In the affected areas by soliciting and providing supplies and other available resources:
    1. to victims in disaster stricken areas, and/ or
    2. to other Canadian registered and relevant charities involved in helping such victims, and/ or
    3. by participating in assistance programs offered by Canadian governments in this respect.
  3. Advancment of Education: To offer training programs and seminars to community members for advancement of education.

Our Mission

To transform and unite the entire community through the power of friendship, with admirable leadership as a governing body in every characteristic of conducting community services to its utmost values.


Our Commitment

At Canada Pakistan Friendship Association’s platform, we pledge our dedication to serve the communities regardless of age, gender, colour, religion, culture or race.