Canada Pakistan Friendship Association (CPFA) is a community and social organization committed to supporting needs in our community and local development. We are a membership based organization
that includes members from all across Ontario.
We wish to draw your attention to a highly ominous political and security situation that is rapidly evolving in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
In addition to 700,000 occupying troops, India has sent an additional 10,000 troops with a view to suppressing the struggle for self-determination in Jammu and Kashmir.
On August 4, 2019, Indian troops under tight security locked down Jammu and Kashmir by cutting off phone and internet communications, banned public assemblies, placing curfews and placing Kashmiri
leaders under house arrest. To suppress the voice of Kashmiri’s, several thousand Kashmiri’s were arrested and put in jail in various parts of India. The lockdown and curfew still continues today.
India at this time, is being ruled by a fundamentalist Government that came to power on the promise of converting the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir into a Hindu majority state. 
We fear that with such a hefty force and unrealistic political and security ambitions of the Indian fascist government, the people of Indian occupied Kashmir can be subjected to genocide.
The ailing and aged leader of the Kashmiri freedom struggle Mr. Ali Gillani and other prominent leaders have expressed this fear many times. 
The situation seems to be a classic example of execution of a fascistic plan to subjugate the occupied territory by use of brutal force. 
Canada is signatory to all major humanitarian and human right conventions.
It is our responsibility that we convey a strong warning to Prime Minister Modi so that he stops his racist policies which would not only cause a huge humanitarian crisis in the region but will also push South Asia into a devastating war as Kashmir is UN recognized disputed territory between Pakistan and India.
According to the UN Security Council resolutions, no unilateral action by India can change its status until a negotiated settlement is reached.
Being a Canadian organization, we request you to raise your voice against the sufferings of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and ask the Government of India to lift their siege immediately allowing the people move around freely. Moreover, no decision should be imposed on the people of Jammu and Kashmir forcibly and unilaterally. They should be democratically allowed to choose their own fate as Canada does with its own French speaking state.  
We thank you in advance for your attention to this urgent and important issue of Jammu and Kashmir.

For Canada Pakistan Friendship Association

Saeed Bari,
President, CPFA
Sept.8, 2019