The Board of Directors of Canada Pakistan Friendship Association (CPFA) are horrified, shocked and deeply saddened by the heinous act of terror on the law abiding family members of the peaceful Canadian brutal first-degree murders of four and one attempted murder attack by Nathaniel (Nate) Veltman 20, an extremist element in London, Ontario is the result of Islamophobia and systematic racism.
Our sympathy and prayers are with the family of four deceased Canadian Muslims and 9-year injured boy. We will continue to stand against all acts of Islamophobia, racism and hate crimes, no matter where they occur or who is targeted regardless of race, religion and creed.
The overwhelming reaction by the politicians of all three levels of governments, police enforcements, community leaders and general public expressing their condolences and deepest sorrow, coupled with planned attendance by the Prime Minister of Canada and Premier of Ontario at the funeral evidences that all Canadian communities are inherently tied together to form the utmost peaceful nation.
The handful of extremist elements in Canadian society who target people because of their faith and ethnic background, must be eradicated by the law enforcement agencies to dismantle hate crimes, both violent and systematic racism, and Islamophobia.
The Board of CPFA passes a resolution to condemn such brutal acts and demand all level of Governments to take all necessary actions and implement with the help of Legislatures to pass essential laws, Enforcement Authorities to implement, Boards of Education for advocacy to eliminate racism in early childhood and up-to Secondary Schools, Public places to erect signs for ZERO Tolerance, Corporations to promote in work places and Judiciary to ensure that law executes to eliminate racism and Islamophobia from Canada and justice is prevailed.